Uchic Asks: “What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?”

*New Year’s resolutions are something I’m always on the fence about.* Are they dumb, are they admirable…I think it depends. I mean, there is always the perpetual, “I vow to lose weight, or get in shape” resolution. It’s a proven fact that health clubs see their highest numbers of new accounts in the month of January. But that’s a resolution I make yearly, so it almost loses it’s potency. Then there are little resolutions, that are so small, they almost seem unworthy of being called a resolution. And then there are the resolutions that you know you’re going to do anyway, so you make them one of your resolutions so it looks like you accomplished something when you do it. *I think it’s time we put the solutions back in resolutions!* I want to know how to actually follow through with my lofty goals. So I’m going to lay them out on the table for you….tomorrow, after I’ve given them some serious thought.

In the meantime, *what are some of your resolutions for the new year?* Go ahead, type it…add a comment, let us know what you’re thinking of doing in 2006!

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