UChic Book Buzz: How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild and Got a Life

There’s new buzz since this was published regarding parts in the book that are supposedly similar to parts in Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty, published in 2001. Us girls at UChic are very interested to see how this all shakes down. So we’ve got Exec Editor, Stacy on the case. Stace, who reviewed Kaavya’s book, has decided to read Sloppy Firsts for herself to see what’s up.

*Hear From Kaavya Herself:* UChic’s own Stacy Hinojosa spoke with Kaavya about the book, her studies at Harvard and most importantly, what she loves to do for fun. *Read about her own experience applying to Harvard, her favorite handbag* _(Chanel)_ *and much, much more!* “Read the Interview”://www.universitychic.com/taxonomy/term/58

New Daily Fashion Blog – Cargo Shorts and Heels for Summer!

I just ordered these whiskey-colored T-straps by Seychelles. I love that they are sandal-like but still closed toe. These will look great wtih long denim shorts, skinny jeans, flowy skirts and maybe even with baggy cargo shorts! All in all, a good summer shoe, but still a very high heel. I still need to find that great pair of cute summery flats.

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