UChic Entertainment Buzz – Reality Show Guilty Pleasure


*I love America’s Next Top Model.* I watched a marathon of the first season and then I haven’t watched since then, so I’m probably missing out on a lot, but here are my thoughts on this cycle:

*First, I love the fact that all the girls are 5’10 and wear size 10 shoes* _(I’m 5’8 and wear 9 1/2)_. My favorites from the show have been *Lisa* _(the coolest no matter what anyone says)_ and tomboy Kim. Now that both of them have been eliminated _(sniff sniff)_ I am forced to cheer on Nik. Not that I don’t like Nik, she just doesn’t have a whole lot of personality. *So it’s down to Nik, Bre and Nicole…who are _you_ rooting for? Do you like the show? Do you agree with it’s depiction of the modeling world?*

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