UChic Hot List: Fighting the Freshman Fifteen

Our very own Health and Nutrition columnist, Robyn Flipse, has written a book that's ideal for any college woman, from those starting school in the fall worried about the dreaded "Freshman 15" pounds, or upperclassmen who want to learn better eating habits.

Fighting the Freshman Fifteen includes:

– Tips on using the cafeteria wisely
– Getting real about portion sizes and calorie intake
– Handling midnight study sessions (and other excuses for ordering pepperoni pizza)
– Finding the time for fitness
– Fifty easy, no-mess recipes that can be prepared in any dorm room

I suggest testing a few of Robyn's recipes from the book (the springtime salad sounds delish!) as a way of seeing how easy it is to incorporate healthy eating habits into your lifestyle. Want to learn more? Check out her website for more info.

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