Uchic Hot Topics: David Letterman and Sarah Palin


David Letterman has been a funny man on late night television for many years- but this time his jokes have crossed the line.

A joke Letterman made about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s 14-year-old daughter Willow having sex with a New York Yankees player has been played across the airwaves recently, causing many across the nation to grow angry.

There is a fine line between making jokes about public figures and downright just being nasty. Though it isn’t fair for him to make nasty jokes about Sarah Palin, she did willingly put herself into the spotlight and is therefore fair game.

As much as I am a Palin supporter and would love for her not to get mocked or joked about, as a public figure it is allowed.

However, the same is not true about her daughter. It was outrageous and unfair that Letterman would make such a comment about Palin’s daughter being promiscuous. This girl did not ask to be put in the spotlight. She is just a 14-year-old still adjusting to being a teenager. If I were Willow and this happened to me, I’d be devastated.

I’d like to see how Letterman would feel if the tables were turned.



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