UChic Hot Topics: President Obama and the economy

Recently in the media, President Obama’s solution for solving America’s economic problems is an old and tired tactic- playing the blame game.

In the past month, Obama has said flat out that he “inherited” the economy’s troubles from former President Bush in a number of different speeches, according to msnbc.com.

And maybe this is true. People could argue either way that he has indeed inherited the economic status quo from the Bush administration, but others could argue that the recession has been coming for a long while. Either way, it’s really not necessary to play the blame game.

I’d much rather see Mr. Obama fix the problems and get to the root of what’s happening instead of trying to focus on the past. He has made some progress with the stimulus bill, but the problems are still at large. Passing the stimulus was like putting a Band Aid on a gunshot wound- only a tiny bit helpful, but hasn’t stopped the bleeding.

I thought that Obama’s campaign stood for change- from change in campaigning to change in ideals- and I’m just not seeing it right now. Listening to President Obama’s crying and weeping about how the recession is not his fault is like listening to an old and out of tune tuba.

We’ve heard his side of the story. Now instead of crying in his Cheerios, President Obama needs to fix America as he has pledged to do so.

America needs you, President Obama. We don’t have time to waste.

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