UCHIC Hot Topics: Public official goes MIA


According to The State, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford has been completely MIA since Thursday, leaving his security detail and family wondering where he is.

An official reported that foul play is most definitely not involved and that the governor occasionally makes odd trips like this to work on legislation.

I understand that being governor is a lot of work and a high stress level job, but it is not cool for any public offical to just peace out and basically go into hiding for no apparent reason.

Who is running his office when he is gone? The Constitution says that would be lieutenant governor, but even the lieutenant governor says he has not been put in charge.

What if some sort of disaster or tragedy happened? He wouldn’t be there to help the residents of his state to get through it because he is pretty much missing.

Is it fair for the residents of South Carolina to have their public official missing, with his cell phone turned off in an unknown location? That’s not fair at all. Nobody else with a career can randomly decide to take off and cut off all communication with the outside world. Even our presidents can’t even do this. Someone has tabs on them at all times, even if they are in an undisclosed location.

During this time of economic troubles and budget cuts, the people of South Carolina need their governor to be there working selflessly to help fix the problem. Somehow, I don’t think lying low during a time of great need is the best decision in the world.

-Information from The State

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