LYD Star: Larcy

Locked Up

Not very often in life do we find ourselves ready to make big changes, right now.  When it comes to careers, for young women especially, there is an immense pressure to find something you’re good at and grow with it— even if that means sticking with something that doesn’t satisfy you.

We push out of our minds that what we’re ‘good at’ isn’t necessarily what we’re passionate about. It doesn’t provide us the same long term fulfillment as living our dreams does— Laura Eister, known musically by her stage name, Larcy, knows this all too well.

Instead of being fearful of change, however, she was fearless; leaving a prestigious advertising position at the iconic The New York Times to pursue her dreams of being a full-time musician. Living the less-than-luxurious, girl-on-the-gig lifestyle, Larcy’s determination and amazing talents are what drives her to pursue her dreams, even when it isn’t easy to be singin’ in New York City.

“Be a Barracuda.”

Leaving her job at The Times wasn’t easy but she knew it was necessary for her happiness. When we asked her, “What was the moment in time that you knew you had to change career paths,” she explained the best advice she received from her father.  When she was stressed and complaining about burning the candle at both ends, working in advertising and pursuing music, he interrupted her:

If you want to be a barracuda, then you have to swim with the barracudas.”

What he meant was, if she wanted to be a full time musician, she better be willing to take the big dive to get there.

“Be successful by knowing yourself.” 

Like many singer-songwriters, Larcy focuses on her own experiences; particularly her everyday life in New York to find inspiration for her music. It isn’t always the good times that inspire her, however.

“I really thrive when people tell me I can’t do something. ’No’ is a motivator for me; it ignites a fire and fuels the want to succeed even more.” She continues, “when you have that moment where you realize, ‘I did it’, it’s all worth it.”

That power comes from hard work, though; and it starts by getting to know who you are.

“You’ve got to be happy with yourself, first. Your significant other or your friends can’t define you, which is something I’ve learned over the years. Being comfortable with who you are will bring success and will inspire others.”


Similarly, when asked how she defines success, it was simple to her.

“I just want to help people get through the day. If someone hears my music and it stirs something in them, helps them get through a rough time, or just plain makes them happy, I feel like I’m doing something right. That to me is success.” 

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