UChic Pop Picks: How Well Do You Know Your World?

How many countries do you know the name of? There are about 194 countries in the world, but we usually learn the location of countries important to our nation’s history. If we are lucky enough to take certain college courses, we may be required to learn the location of all of the countries within specific continents. The news teaches us certain areas to help us understand their coverage of a story. But it is extremely unlikely that any of us know the name and location of every country in the world.

A game entitled How Well Do You Know Your World puts your knowledge to the test. A city and country come up and you are supposed to guess where it is. The amount of points you receive is based on your timing and the amount of km between where you click on the world map and the actual location of the city.

Try it out for yourself. You may learn a few things.

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