UChic Pop Picks: Summer School Getting You Down?

At the beginning, when I signed up for a summer school class, I thought that it wouldn’t be too bad.

This is my second year taking summer classes and I like to take classes that I know I will enjoy, but that don’t fit into my schedule if I want to graduate on time. I also tend to do better in classes that I enjoy and I feel I am getting something out of. p>

Summer school can still be stressful, even if you enjoy the class. I am doing a job, an internship, and a class currently and sometimes I feel like I have no time to relax. What I’ve found that works for me is picking one day out of the week where I don’t do any work. No school work and no working at a job or internship. This gives me time to relax and destress. Also I would suggest scheduling your time wisely. There are some weeks where I have a paper due everyday and others when I have little work to do. I spend weekends before busy weeks trying to get ahead, so that I don’t force myself into a hole later in the week.

It is also good to remember that during summer school teachers are aware that there is less time to get everything done, so they won’t be offended if you skim a little more often when you are reading for homework. Just make sure you have the major ideas nailed down for the midterm and the final.

Good luck with everything!

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