UChic Pop Picks: Twilight

This book that is the first book in a four book series by Stephanie Meyer. The series has been described as a vampire romance/action, but don’t let the subject matter turn you off. If you enjoyed the gripping Harry Potter series and the moments in the books where you had no choice but to continue reading, this series may be for you.

Don’t let the idea of romance turn you off either. I am not really a fan of romance novels, but somehow the chemistry between the two characters in this book worked for me. Their characters play off of each other perfectly in such an unbelievable situation.

I have yet to meet a person who read the series and wasn’t raving about it. A few friends did say that some of the “he is so perfect” commentary could have been left out of the books, but that slight downfall is outweighed by the conflict, characters and story lines.

The fourth and final book of the series comes out on August 2 and Barnes and Nobles is having a midnight party like it used to for the Harry Potter series. If that doesn’t tell you how popular the series is, I don’t know what will. The first movie for the series will be in theaters December 2008.

So this summer if you need something to read, I would suggest picking up the first book. The only thing is you may have to purchase it because the books tend to always be checked out of local libraries.

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