UChic Pop Rocks: The First Children

It’s got to be weird being a First Child. Getting the President’s signature on your homework, having Secret Service going on your dates, foreign prime ministers having meetings in your house… well, we’ve all seen the Katie Holmes movie.

For Sasha and Malia Obama, it must be even weirder than usual. There’s the age factor, for one: the girls are seven and ten years old, younger than Chelsea Clinton and the Bush twins ever were as White House residents. More importantly, Sasha and Malia aren’t the kids of just any President— they’re Obama’s kids, and Obama is a bona fide American celebrity. It has been affecting the girls already, as Sasha and Malia have been featured on numerous magazine covers, notably on People Magazine three times already.

Dealing with and controlling celebrity is an even bigger challenge now because of technology. The picture above shows just how vulnerable the First Children are, always able to be photographed and any news about their lives able to be spread throughout the world instantaneously. I would bet that maintaining sanity will be harder for these girls more so than any other First Children. In the meantime, judging by the photo above, it seems that the Obama girls keep their cool just as well as Dad.

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