UChic Pop Rocks: Head Over Heels

It may be because I go to school in New York City, but every day on campus I see at least a handful of girls hurrying to class in heels. They look so chic and pulled-together, like wherever they’re headed is of ultra importance. I pass them with longing looks, wishing that I too could will myself into high-heeled boots or cute wedge booties on random weekdays.


Alas, as a typical college student, I usually compliment my jeans, tee shirt and oversized cardigan with beat-up Minnetonkas or—I’ll admit it— Uggs. (They’re like sweatpants for your feet!) But my fashion-forward classmates are onto something: heels are back, in a big way.


These past few weeks, countless models have graced the runways in New York and Milan for Fashion Week, and much of the styles have been staid. Everyone’s talking about “hard times,” Karl Lagerfeld’s answering questions about shopping anxieties in this month’s Harper’s Bazaar, and Miucca Prada commented backstage in Milan on this season’s looks, “the conservativism was what made it radical.” A similar sensibility has infiltrated the red carpet, as many celebrities have recently chosen simpler, less blingy ensembles.


The bright spot on the runways and the red carpets? The SHOES. The heels soar higher and higher, and the embellishments are getting flashier and more creative. Stand-outs include Louis Vuitton’s tribal-inspired sandals for Spring/Summer 2009, the infamous Herve Leger and Prada footwear that caused models to come tumbling down (literally- check it out!) and Jennifer Connolly’s jewel-encrusted Balmain heels at the He’s Just Not That Into You premier.


People.com put together a fun slide show of some great star looks. Check them out—it’ll make you wish you wore heels every day to class… or, you know, just make you respect those girls who do. Fun as the sky-high stilettos are, I think I’ll be sticking to my dirty mocs for now.


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