UChic Pop Rocks: An Ode to Justin Timberlake, or 10 Things We Love About You

10. His clothing line, William Rast, is not just some oft-hand attempt to make some extra cash and promote his name, but is actually a bona fide collection presented at New York Fashion Week each season to critical acclaim. Timberlake and BFF Trace Ayala enlisted design duo Marcella and Johan Lindeberg to channel the boys’ Tennessee roots for an all-American, denim-based look that’s just a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll.

9. Timberlake manages to keep his long-term relationship with fellow celeb Jessica Biel on the down low and out of the news— even when this couple hits the town, they manage to escape much of the tabloid attention.

8. And on the topic of Jessica Biel: we love her. JT has nabbed one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood who also comes off as low-key and down to earth. And Jessica— we forgive you for I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. And the whole Seventh Heaven thing. We promise.

7. Justin has real musical talent lying behind the synthesizer and Auto-Tune, and not only when it comes to that pretty falsetto. As he demonstrated last week on SNL with Ciara, Justin can sit down at the keyboard and “pick up the keys.”

6. Justin not only oversees his own clothing company, but he manages to spark major fashion trends simply by getting dressed. Fedoras, those slim three-piece suits, white sneakers with dress pants? Justin, Justin, and Justin. For anyone who doubts his fashion influence, landing the cover of GQ as America’s Most Stylish Man back in February should be proof enough.

5. Timberlake’s hilarious collaborations with The Lonely Island, the Andy Samberg-led comedy group that brought you “Dick in a Box” and “Jizz in My Pants,” show that he doesn’t take himself too seriously… and he can rock even the skeeviest facial hair, not the least being his goatee in the recent SNL short “Motherlover.”

4. The man is a seriously talented dancer whose concerts and videos are must-sees not only for the music but also for his dance moves. He’s even gotten to dance back-up for Beyoncé…

3. Justin is a shrewd artist and businessman who knows talent when he sees it. The long list of artists he has collaborated with includes Nelly Furtado, Ciara, Madonna, Timbaland, Beyonce, Coldplay, Amy Winehouse, Black Eyed Peas, Usher, T.I… oh yeah, and those four guys in that 90s boy band. What were they called…?

2. Don’t forget the music— since his solo album, Justified, debuted in 2002, Justin has been turning out innovative and infectious musical hits that range from soulful pop (“What Goes Around,” “Cry Me a River”), meaningful hip-hop (“Where is the Love,” “Dead and Gone”), and the down-right sexy dance beats that are his calling card. (“SexyBack,” anyone?)

1. He is the same Justin Timberlake we’ve been watching and listening to since we were in elementary school, from the Mickey Mouse Club and the Britney Spears-*NSYNC days to the Cameron Diaz years and today. Why do we love Justin? We simply can’t not.

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