UChic Pop Rocks: Revolutionizing Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Fan here, your one and only source into the not-so-scandalous life of a Manhattan college student.

OK, so I may only live on the Upper West Side, but I have my own juicy information to share. This is one of the most important things you will read all day. It will change an vital aspect of your life.
It will change the way you watch Gossip Girl.
It’s called the Daily Intel.

I don’t remember exactly when I discovered it, but some time last year, I stumbled upon this piece of buried treasure in the blogosphere. The Daily Intel is a blog brought to you by nymag.com, the fabulous online home of New York Magazine, and it posts regularly about the goings-on in Manhattan and the lesser parts of the country.
In a stroke of pure genius, the blog includes a Tuesday morning play-by-play of each Monday night Gossip Girl episode. Just as you do when you watch each episode, editors Chris Rovzar and Jessica Pressler call the show out on what was so unrealistic you felt guilty for watching and what was so dead-on you almost applauded.
Then— and this is where it starts to sound dorky but actually gets amazing— they score it. Plus points for everything that was completely brilliant (e.g. every one of Blair’s lines) and minus points for the stuff that makes you feel foolish for loving the show so much (e.g. Eric’s heinous dye job.)
Writers Chris and Jessica, in addition to being skillful pop-culture commentators, are smart, witty writers who don’t take themselves (and their purposefully-overblown GG obsession) too seriously. They also have special powers to know exactly what you were thinking when you were watching, like “Why does Chuck have to shadily whisper everything?” and “What’s with Blair and all headbands?” They write it down, and they make it damn funny. And they spare no one.
Seriously, go read the Daily Intel after you watch. I promise you, your Gossip Girl experience will never be the same.

Some favorites from this past Tuesday’s post:

Truer Than “No One Is Comforted by a Tuna Tower”
• Eric: “We know that’s gin in your coffee cup.” ?Cece: “Exactly. Life must go on, as it always has.” Plus 3, mostly just because we can’t wait to be Waspy old grandmas!
• Although he had just promised to start being a human, Bart Bass’s last act on this earth was to leave a threatening voice mail for Lily. Plus 1, for nicely reminding us that we don’t mind he died.
• How awesome is it that the worst things happen when Cece tries to “help”? Plus 3.

Faker Than the Amount of Cute, Well-Tailored Coats That Dan the Poor Thrift-Shopper Owns
• “In times of great uncertainty, we all need our daily rituals.” “The closing of this chapter leads to the opening of the next one.” Why does Cece talk like this? She’s like one of the fauns from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Minus 2.
• Eleanor’s blazer that Jenny made is heinous. Surely she’d have a lovely Chanel somewhere in her closet as backup. Minus 1.
• Dan comes home and Rufus is sitting quietly in the dark. Minus 1, because nobody does that in real life.

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