UChic’s Back to School Bash ’14: Enter NOW to WIN BIG!

Having lots of friends is great! You get invited to tons of fabulous parties, you always have someone to call when you're bored, and someone is always writing on your Facebook wall. It's a win-win situation, right? Right! Until it comes down to buying gifts for 55 of your closest friends...

In a perfect world, all of your friends would be friends with each other and you guys could just draw names and have a huge holiday party. However, this world is hardly perfect, and most of the time, our friends do not all come from the same circle, but they are still at the gift-giving level. In this case, why not make their gifts? It's cheaper, and it can be relatively painless (fun, even!).

Now, I'm not talking about the wreath you made for your mom out of your handprints when you were 7. I'm talking about something classy and cute that your friends will actually use. Something to remind them of how cute and classy you are!

1.) Fleece Blankets: Here's the deal: you go to the fabric store, you buy a couple yards of Strawberry Shortcake fleece, go home, cut the edges into a fringe and knot them. No sewing required. If you're feeling like Martha Stewart, you can add two layers and make a nice, thick winter blanket!

2.) Personalized Stationary: This is for all of my scrapbook lovers out there! Take scraps of pretty, leftover paper and make personalized notecards for your girls. Adding stickers and stamps gives it a touch of glamour and your friend will have a set of one of a kind notecards!

3.) Embroidered Bath Towels:JC Penny has these amazing sales where you can buy really nice bath towels for $3.99. Buy some in your friends' favorite colors and then use iron-on letters to personalize them with their initials

Don't stop there! Be creative! Anything with photos is a good idea: calendars, framed pictures, scrapbooks, coffee mugs. Baked goods are a very classic holiday gift as well. Bake your favorite cookies (my sister made gingerbread men that looked like her friends!) or try dipping pretzels in chocolate. Add festive packaging and Voila!


Summer is winding down and the school bell is about to ring. Looking for some cool new gear? UChic has you covered with our top picks for “Back to School” this year!

We want to make your transition back to school better than ever, which is why we’ve teamed up with some of our favorite companies for our Back-to-School Bash 2014 Giveaway! 

Over the next four weeks, we’ll be giving away our must-have picks for high school and college life. Starting today, we’ll be giving away a different prize each week. You’ll be able to enter each week for more chances to win one of our awesome prizes.

Entering is easy!  Simply click here. Once you’ve UChic’s Facebook page, just enter your information into the contest box and you’ll be entered into the drawing for the current week’s prize.

What’s up for grabs this week?


The Ultimate Writer’s Pack from Simon & Schuster: One (1) winner receives a writer’s prize pack including journal, pen, coffee mug, and inspiration in Ellen Hopkins’ complete backlist (10 titles) + UChic bag (details to be announced in September!)

Make sure to check back each Monday to find out if you won – and find out the prize for the upcoming week! Have friends who would be interested in winning? You can refer up to two of your gal pals to the contest, and when they sign up, you’ll get an extra chance to win that week!

PRIZES (in no particular order): 

  • Chicster Essentials:  UChic Prize Pack + UChic bag (details to be announced in September!)
  • Fashionista Fix: Frill Skirt + UChic bag (details to be announced in September!)
  • Deck Out Your Dorm: $50 gift card to Twin XL + Tivoli Blue Tooth Clock Radio + UChic bag (details to be announced in September!)
  • The Ultimate Writer’s Pack: Big Honcho: Writer’s Pack: One (1) winner receives a writer’s prize pack including journal, pen, coffee mug, and inspiration in Ellen Hopkins’ complete backlist (10 titles) + UChic bag (details to be announced in September!)

Good Luck & Remember! Make sure to check back to see if you’ve won and share the contest with your favorite friends. For more great insight from our Chicsters and beyond, visit UChic on Twitter.

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