UChic’s First ‘Live Your Dreams Star’ Twitter Chat with Betsy Chasse

LYD Star Betsy

Chicsters! Spring is blooming and so are our social initiatives— we’re so excited to announce our first #LYDStars Twitter Chat this Wednesday, March 26, at 8PM Eastern Time hosted on the UChic Twitter Page.

Betsy Chasse, author of the well-received, just-released Tipping Sacred Cows is sharing tips with our social audience on how to ‘Live Your Dreams’ right now, at any stage of life.

Betsy’s novel poignantly discusses how she discovered the path to leading a happy life; why loving yourself should have conditions; and why hanging out naked with Ryan Gosling may not be as blissful as you’d imagine… yes, you heard that right.

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Ask Betsy your questions on how to Live Your Dreams! Submit your ‘LYD-themed’ questions ahead of our Twitter Chat with your Twitter handle at staff@uchic.com and check out her whole interview with us on UChic.com.

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