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_”You’re not stupid because you love fashion. I think a lot of people do get grief for it and I hope other women can relate and can learn to embrace it and be proud of it. There needs to be more of us out there. There’s nothing wrong with it. So what if I like my shoes?”_ *- Julie K. L. Dam author of Some Like It Haute*

Shoes Imitate Art….and I love them.

I was in an art museum the other day, staring at a Matisse postcard when it hit me. _I have shoes that look like this._ I was skeptical. _No, they can’t look exactly like this, I’ll have to go home and check._ But a quick glance into my closet confirmed it…I invest in fashion like other people invest in art.

*I haven’t always been so obsessed with shoes, handbags, jewelry, et al.* There was a time when the majority of my clothes had an Old Navy label and that was fine with me. But now I need to insure my closet…protect my investments. The e.zues clutch, the new Cole Haan, the co. & co. top and the Rubber Ducky skirt….this could go on. *Check back daily for updates on what’s in the closet*, what’s leaving the closet and most importantly, the new things going into the closet. I’m going to embrace my love of fashion. _I’m no dummy….I just love my shoes!”_

UChic Music Buzz: Check Out Zero 7…if you’re in a new age kinda mood

Simple Things by Zero 7 is a refreshingly cool collection of unique and meditative tracks. If you’re into jazz, new age, or trip hop then you should check out this album. It’s not new or anything…it’s just good. Listen to it while driving _(to keep your road rage in check)_ or while doing yoga poses or even while sleeping. But don’t wear headphones while sleeping…..or driving. I’d imagine that they wuld get in your way while doing yoga poses too. Pretty much, you need to invest in some speakers.

*Get Your Hands On*: “In The Waiting Line – Zero 7”://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00005R5M6/sr=8-1/qid=1145659897/ref=pd_bbs_1/104-5191227-0756746?%5Fencoding=UTF8

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