Forget Ugly – UGGS Now Believed to Cause Foot Fungus

Full disclosure: I hate UGG boots. I mock my friends who wear them, roll my eyes at the hundreds of people at the mall sporting them, and think they're the ugliest things since sliced bread. So forgive me if I sound a little gleeful after reading this new article that just came out in which a leading NYC podiatrist states "fungus breeds in dark, wet environments–conditions that are usually seen inside trendy sheepskin boots."

While this is true of any shoe or sock that allows moisture to form, the fact that this is further ammunition as to why these boots should be banned (beyond aesthetic reasons, of course), hopefully leads y'all to rethink your current footwear options. Classic Converse, guys. They look cool, don't hurt your feet, AND aren't in danger of cultivating your very own (smelly) spore farm.

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