Thousands of British Students Turn Out to Protest College Tuition Hike

Have you ever been tempted to resort to violence after seeing your tuition bill? If you're one of the millions of college students stressing about the rising cost of college, you probably won't be suprised to learn that thousands of U.K. students and protestors are assembling today to take stand against what is expected to be a triple-size increase in their yearly tuition at public institutions around the country.

According to the BBC, riot police have assembled outside Britain's House of Commons to combat the angry crowds (estimated to be about 20,000 people) who are making their voices heard about the steep hikes. Smoke flares have already been set off following scuffles with police.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, the steep hike in tuition is needed to offset the growing deficit the country is facing. "In the circumstances where the country as a whole, we don't have much money… it's not unreasonable to ask those graduates who've been lucky enough to go to university to make a contribution towards the costs," he said.

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