University of Florida Has “No Comment” Regarding Possible Halloween Zombie Prank

Vampires may be the “it” ghoul of the moment, but down in Florida, somebody is armed and ready for a major zombie attack on campus. (We kid you not.)

According to Central Flordia News 13, University of Florida administrators recently discovered a zombie contingency plan lurking on the school’s e-Learning Support Services course management website. The six-page report, titled “Disaster Preparedness Simulation Excercise,” was found among other documented disaster excercises concerning hurricanes and infectious disease pandemics.

A News 13 source says the report is actually an in-depth analysis and discussion of what would happen if zombies suddenly decided to run amok (aka “zombie behavior spectrum disorder”) on school grounds, and how the university should move forward and create a “UF Zombie Response Team.”

University of Florida officials quickly took down the report from the site and have since offered a terse “no comment” as to whether or not this is just some student hoax, or if actual tuition money was being used to simulate Sean of the Dead tactics among the student body.

We say pick your battles, U of F. You’re not going to have to worry about zombies if you’re swallowed whole by one of those killer boa constrictors your neighbors keep dumping everywhere. You can outrun the living dead, but a snake that can suck down a live adult alligator? Yeah, not so much.

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