University of Michigan Student Body President Faces Cyber-Bullying, Gay-Bashing Campaign by Michigan Assistant Attorney General

For the past two days, we've watched with disbelief as a huge story has come to light at our beloved former college. Chris Armstrong, the first openly-gay student body president at the University of Michigan has been under attack (and even stalked) over the past year by none other than Michigan's Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell.

CNN's Anderson Cooper first broke the story, revealing the sick and twisted campaign to the world. Since Armstrong's appointment, Shrivell has been hard at work, cyber-bullying and stalking the student via his Chris Armstrong Watch blog. So far, Shirvell has been highly vocal (going as far as to show up at Armstrong's home and even harassing his friends and fellow student body members), insisting Armstrong is racist, an elitist, and is secretly intent on pushing some homosexual agenda. (Note: No proof has ever surfaced that Armstrong is any of those things, although he did run on a platform to introduce gender-neutral housing on campus.)

The really sickening thing about this whole story is that Shirvell's boss, Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox has so far done nothing to stop Shirvell (even though HE ran a campaign to get elected that included a focus on ending cyber-bullying). Cox told Anderson Cooper last night that in Michigan, it's not illegal to cyber-bully, and while his employee may have used poor judgement in his attacks OUTSIDE the office, during office hours he does a great job.

So far, Armstrong has shown what a truly classy guy he is by holding his head high and continuing his work on behalf of the University of Michigan's student body. "“I will not back down. I will not flinch. I will not falter. I will not succumb to any unwarranted attacks. What I will do is I will carry on with the utmost pride and vindication,”  Armstrong told MSA assembly members during a meeting this week.  “I, along with the rest of this assembly, were elected to this body to represent the University. And nothing said about us, or regarding our personal merits, will waive our commitment to serve the student body.”

We hope you'll follow our lead and express your outrage over this issue. Even if you're NOT a U of M student or Michigan resident, you can still spread the word, forward this post, OR contact Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox's office directly to express your displeasure (call 517 373-1110 or email him at



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