UrbanSkinny: A New Lifestyle for the Chic Chick!

Do you want to lose weight, but love your fast-paced, high-profile, fun loving lifestyle? Have no fear, Urban Skinny is here!! Okay, well that may sound a little like Underdog, but it’s true!! The women of Urban Skinny–Danielle Schupp and Stephanie Krikorian–have teamed up to bring a new diet to the busy, beautiful, and chic women of the world without making them crave, regret, or starve themselves. This is a diet every single Chic Chick can take advangtage of and apply to their life–forever.

Here’s the email interview, and check out this week’s column for my personal interaction with this great book and lifestyle.

VR for UChic: What made you write Urban Skinny?

Danielle: I wrote Urban Skinny because there isn’t a “diet” book out there that is as truly realistic and there’s nothing that’s available to those living the typical urban lifestyle — being on the go, dining out, traveling, and working long hours. Urban Skinny is a collection of client stories and concepts developed over 15 years. My clients have egged me on for years, telling me to write a book. I’m more of a talker though. That’s where Stephanie came in.

Stephanie: I was a client of Danielle’s and one day she was reviewing my food logs. I had been to a great Mexican restaurant here in New York that makes pomegrante marguritas. I had had three with my dinner. Danielle said “Stephanie, you can either eat your dinner or drink your dinner, but you can’t do both – you drank 600 calories plus ate a full meal.” I laughed and said “you should write a book.”  She’d always thought about doing it, but said “I only talk.” I told her I’m a writer – let’s do it together and I can come at it from the dieters mentality! And from there we teamed up, came up with the title, wrote a proposal (I went to the book store and bought a book on ‘how to write a non-fiction book proposal’) and got a GREAT agent who sold it for us. That was two years ago.

VR for UChic: What is the most important aspect of the Urban Skinny lifestyle?

Danielle: I’d say the most important aspect of Urban Skinny is being consistent not perfect. No one can be the perfect dieter. If you try you will fail. Just follow most of the Urban Skinny guidelines most of the time and you will succeed! If you’re ‘too good’ and eat just lettuce and steamed chicken, eventually your cravings, not your hunger will defeat you. Just ask Stephanie – I insist she eats a slice of pizza once a week to satisfy her love of cheese and salt.

Stephanie: For me, as someone with a dieter’s mentality, it’s that you can really eat anything you like as long as you budget it into your calorie count for the day. The other thing that I’ve learned from it all, that’s really important too, is that food intake is critical to losing weight. I think some people think you can exercise it all off, but you can’t. It’s about what you shovel in your mouth and then when you lose it you keep it off with exercise. Danielle taught me this and it is really important. I used to think if i worked out really hard I could eat anything. I can’t. I’m 5′ 1″. I really have to control my calories. 

VR for UChic: Do you think College women can apply this diet to their lives now, while they are in College?

Danielle: You can absolutely work Urban Skinny into the college lifestyle. In college you eat out often, whether its the dining hall or a restaurant in town. All the eating out guidelines in Urban Skinny are appropriate for everyone. Urban Skinny is perfect for college women who want to still have fun with their friends but stay lean.  Also, knowing the calorie guidelines for alcohol will help at parties as I’m sure college students still enjoy a cocktail now and then. You can have a beer and still lose weight with Urban Skinny as long as you add it into your daily caloric count. We list the calories of various drinks in the book and a long list of 100 calorie foods so counting is really simple. Something else to consider: some women face emotional issues at college.  There’s a chapter in the book that deals with emotional eating. It can help college students recognize if they are eating for the wrong reasons and how to find the help to correct their way of dealing

VR for UChic: How can some of the meal plans be adapted to College women?

Danielle: The meal plans are appropriate for women of all ages because there are no forbidden foods in Urban Skinny. Some of the particular brands we talk about in the book may not be available at a college dining hall but similar brands will be. For example, Chobani yogurt can be substituted for Dannon. Pizza and take out is on all meal plans – especially college campus ones.  A slice with veggies is about 500 calories. Salad dressing on the side can be applied on campus, not just at a five-star restaurant in New York City. Women, who live off campus will hit the grocery store and be able to find particular brands. I think the challenges are the same everywhere, but on campus always be aware of unconsious eating – chips in someone’s room – count out 10 and step away from the bowl. if someone orders food, have just one serving. And the rule of logging your food as you eat it will help you. Write down everything you eat. It makes you more mindful of what goes in.

VR for UChic: What’s the biggest temptation for women on the UrbanSkinny diet?

Danielle: Most women tell me they can’t believe they can eat just about anything they feel like eating. That’s the main theme throughout Urban Skinny. Even a donut for breakfast is a better pick that nothing (you have to eat breakfast every single day or you won’t lose weight.) Most people are amazed by the choice they have and that they still lose weight without removing some foods from their diets. So as a result, most feel satisfied because all their favorite foods are incorporated into their week. If anything, pasta is the main craving….its one of those foods that women just love. The challenge there becomes portion control. If a restaurant drops a giant plate in front of you – well its probably got more calories than you should eat in a day. Eat it, but don’t eat all of it.

Stephanie: I’ll confess. Wine. I love wine. The challenge, which Danielle set for me: one glass, not three or four.

VR for UChic: If the women read one chapter, which should it be?

Danielle: Well – read it all! But two chapters that have some key points you really don’t hear anywhere else. Chapter 11 — It’s Not All About the Scale — Setting Goals, Reaching Goals is important because, well it’s not


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