Vampire Diaries 5: You’re Undead to Me

Damon, we learn, can be destroyed or at least weakened. Stefan, in this episode, locks Damon in his basement and weakens him by using vervain, an herb that makes these vampires unable to control human’s minds. Stefan even went so far as to take away Damon’s lapis lazuli ring so that if he does-by some miracle- get out of the basement, he will immediately turn to dust as soon as he gets out into the sun.

I don’t really know what I think about this whole scenario. It smells a little of Eric’s basement in True Blood. I still an not sure how I feel about this series, although I’m excited to see the costumes in next week’s episode as we will be delving into Stefan’s past and learn more about Katherine.

Any comments on this episode? What do you Chic college women think about it? Is it worth the time on Thursday nights? I’m thinking Grey’s might be a better thing to rush home for!!

Here’s a great review and a movie clip!

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