The Vampire Diaries: Bloodlines

Bloodlines picks up from where the previous set of episodes left off– with Elena in a car upside down waiting for the…whatever creature it is, to come and get her. And then suddenly, it’s Damon, her Vamp in Shining Armor. The whole episode follows that pattern of surprises, with references to the past and present.

Bonnie learns that her powers have mysteriously disappeared, and when she goes to her grandmother to determine the source of her “magic block,” Sheila suggests that she looks inside herself to determine the cause. Bonnie decides to go back to the old Church and is terrified after a fall when she discovers that the Vampires locked away are in fact, undead. Stefan comes to the rescue again, and Bonnie learns that he knows a bit more about the tomb situation than he originally let on.

Damon and Elena , meanwhile, are off in Georgia learning about Damon‘s past, which seems to include not only Vamps, but witches and Alaric Saltzman, the professor who is most likely not just a human. Damon narrowly escapes Georgia with his life, and for that will be eternally grateful to Elena, quite literally. Elena and Stefan make up, but Stefan lets Elena in on another one of his secrets which, yet again, flips her world on it’s head.

These next few episodes of The Vampire Diaries are sure to be confusing, but definitely worth the time. I think it will get even more tangled and juicy as the season progresses and it’s already got quite the following . Remember to check out this article about the cast of The Vampire Diaries ‘ tour which is beginning this weekend.

And if you just can’t get enough of the characters, try following Elena on Twitter and check out this interview/review from E! Online.

Here’s a clip:

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