The Vampire Diaries: Children of the Damned

This installment of The Vampire Diaries ties up several different lose ends that have been bothering me for several episodes. We finally learn more about Alistar Saltzman, the professor whose wife was drained by Damon. We also learn that Saltzman’s wife’s body was actually never found, so who knows that could be yet another Vampire on the lose in Mystic Falls.

Additionally we learn a lot about the Mystic Falls of 1864 and just how many Vampires there were and how many were rounded up on that dreadful night in 1864; a night so many have apparently been trying to “return” to. Creepy, cute Anna, as Jeremy calls her, appears to be a Vampire herself and perhaps the missing link to the Damon and Stefan becoming Vampires themselves.

Emily also appears to be quite the link to the magic that took over Mystic Falls in 1864 and continues to plague it today. Her “spell cookbook” is found in Guiseppe Salvatore’s–Stephan and Damon‘s father–grave. Damon goes to great lengths to get the book from Elena and Stefan, and almost transforms Elena in the process. Although Anna might actually have plans to do that without either Salvatore brothers knowing.

All in all, a great episode making me quite excited for next week’s installment and perhaps even in the mood to purchase a few of the books!!

Here’s a quick clip of the flash-back to 1864 where we learn about Pearl, Anna’s “mother:”


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