The Vampire Diaries: Fool Me Once

The Vampire Diaries returned last night with episode 14 in season 1 and helped us learn even more about what exactly happened in 1864. As it turned out, Bonnie and her grandmother were strong enough to break the spell Emily placed on the Vampires and also strong enough to break the seal. That may, however, not be to the advantage of the townspeople of Mystic Falls.

The teenagers of Mystic Falls are, as usual, engaging in the general debauchery of drinking, partying and lighting fires in the woods; all of which could get your blood drained by the resident vampires, although it seems that this younger generation of founders is never particularly worried about that aspect. Jeremy, it seems in the end where Microsoft put a clever ad kick back to their new search engine BING, might actually have figured out the link between Anna’s “weird-ness” and Vampirism.

Elena and Stefan reaffirm their relationship–as they always seem to do in these episodes–with him coming to her rescue. Damon may have actually brought more back to life than he intended, particularly when he can’t find Catherine. This makes him QUITE angry, and almost kills Pearl in the process. Anna knew that Catherine was still walking the earth as one of the undead, but neglected to tell Damon in order to fuel his ambitions and ultimately get her own mother out safely.

As I always say, all in all a good episode. It’s definitely a lot more interesting, despite the CW’s inability to mask their clearly “well-placed” ads for a variety of products, but then again they do that in all their series– I mean how many times did you see a VZW phone on Gossip Girl??

Here’s a clip from Fool Me Once:

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