Vampire Diaries: Friday Night Bites

According to the Los Angeles Times, the CW ordered nine more episodes, which now makes the total 22!! That means that the drama has most definitely only begun. In this episode, “Friday Night Bites,” there are a variety of themes–all of which remind me of crisp fall nights spent at one house or another pondering what would happen to us after graduation. I have to say, being a senior now, most of that “pondering” wasn’t worth it, so perhaps that’s what these students-Vamp and Human alike- will learn…or maybe not?

While Damon continues to terrorize the town, Stefan has yet to give off that well known Vamp “sparkle.” They both seem like two very opposite sides of the spectrum–with Damon being more and more viscous as Stephan gets more and more docile. They both need to step up their game to compete with the reigning “vamp champs”– Eric, Bill, Edward and the rest of the True Blood/Twilight casts.

Will I keep watching? I guess. I’m not really sure how I feel about it yet, however I am quite glad that Grey’s Anatomy comes on after it…that’s definitely something I will continue to watch.

Here’s a clip from “Friday Night Bites:”

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