The Vampire Diaries: Haunted

Elena tries to understand why Vicki can’t control herself, while simultaneously trying to keep her brother, Jeremy, away from her so that she doesn’t murder him. Damon is up to his old tricks–and ultimately learns a little more about the town and the descendants in it. He even learns that his “uncle” has been helping the founders avoid the Vampires’ ability to “mind read.” Vervain seems to be playing a vital role in the town’s surivival throughout this epic battle with Vampires.

The ending is rather ghoulish, but that it seems as though it was just the ending need for this episode. Jeremy also has his mind erased, but Elena refuses to lose her feelings for Stefan, which (like any Vampire wishing for redemption) makes him smile ever so slightly–definitely meant to make all the girls swoon!

Next week we may learn more about Bonnie and her ancestorwho happens to have been a witch–as if Mystic Falls wasn’t spooky enough. Enjoy your halloween, maybe you’ll find your charming vampire in disguise this weekend!

Here’s a video clip:


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