The Vampire Diaries: History Repeating

History Repeating Itself brings a new vampire to Mystic Falls–Alaric Saltman–or at least I think he’s a vampire– he has the ring and needs to be “invited” into the house– all the keys signs that he might just be yet another of the Undead.

Damon, for a reason we do not find out until later, needs Bonnie’s necklace. The necklace that belonged to Emily– Bonnie’s ancestor who also happened to be a witch. Throughout the course of the episode, we find out a lot about what happened in the 1860s and why Damon came back– it all has to do with Katherine and the burning of the Church.

Although Bonnie as Emily seemed to have destroyed any chance of Damon completing his plan, I have a feeling that there might just be a way for him to have what he wants no matter what.

Jenna Sommers might just have had a run in with Vampires already as at the end of the episode Logan returns and insinuates that perhaps he too needs and invite to cross the threshold. We will just have to wait on an answer to that one, as this series advances it seems to leave us with a new cliff hanger each and every week.

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