The Vampire Diaries: Lost Girls

Vicki Donovan has had quite the transformation this episode and one can only wonder what else is in store for the girls of Mystic Falls. An old watch is used as a compass of some sort, and apparently this isn’t the first time Vampires have shocked the town.

This episode had a variety of twists and turns and now the Vampires in Mystic Falls are starting to follow the same patterns as Twilight’s vegetarian vampires. Stefan promises Elena that he will answer all her questions as long as she keeps his secret, but isn’t sure if she can live the Bill/Sookie lifestyle just yet.

Damon’s got quite a bit of anger towards…well everything, and takes it out on the as many humans as he can find. And honestly- what’s his deal? Isn’t 145 years a bit long to hold a grudge?

All in all a good move forward for the series, although it makes one wonder what direction it will take next week.

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