The Vampire Diaries: The Turning Point


Last night’s Vampire Diaries left everyone wondering who’s the new vamp in town. Damon and Stephan are as surprised to see Logan as Jenna is, and are determined not to let him kill anyone else. Caroline has a way of getting in the way of Vampires and it doesn’t stop with Logan, however it seems that Damon might just have enough revenge in him to settle the score–until Logan pulls out a key piece to a puzzle Damon has been waiting a century to solve. Jenna’s new flame–who I happen to think is a Vampire–Alaric Saltman, seems to be the new Vampire in Shining Armor, but is he actually a Vampire? Does he want to save her or is he merely trying to destroy evidence of his own crimes?

Tyler Lockwood, also a founding member of the town (as many of the young characters have ties to the founders and ultimately to Damon and Stefan), seems to have some supernatural qualities as well– the shimmering moon in the background often makes me think of the crazed Team Jacob fans and also makes me wonder if we will have mutiple “bro” teams in this series as the good guys and bad guys and not so bad guys are quickly coming to terms with the fact that they must fight each other–and fight against the “evil” coming back to town–in order to survive.

Stefan and Elena finally have their moment in the moon–until Elena realizes that Stefan still cherishes Catherine’s memory on some level and runs away only to put herself into even more danger–as per usual. What is it with these vamp women– they feel the need to always be the damsel in distress??

I guess we will have to wait and see who exactly it is that haunts Elena and whether or not Stefan–or another Vamp--comes to her rescue.


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