The Vampire Diaries: Under Control

Elena and Stefan struggle with Stefan’s new found hunger: for human blood. It’s difficult for him to deal with not drinking now, after he had a taste of human blood and with Damon’s constant urgings for him to just drink the blood bank blood, which honestly makes sense. Perhaps Damon and Stefan need to hang out with Bill and Eric a little bit more.

Anyway that’s not the only thing Damon has to deal with– Elena’s Uncle Jack (who is a real Gilbert) has come back from the dead (in more ways than one), and ultimately has tons of stories and answers that Damon needs to learn. Jack also seems to know where Katherine and Isabel are, to both Damon and Alaric’s dismay. Damon and Alaric form one ruggedly handsome team, don’t you think? I’m delighted to see a kinder side of Damon, and I think it will only get better as the episodes go on, but then again I’m a sucker for bad boys in leather jackets, so who knows!

Jeremy, in typical little brother fashion, goes around peaking at things he shouldn’t be seeing and learns a little more about Stefan and Elena than he would like to know, particularly since as we see at the end, he doesn’t really trust his adopted sister that much anymore.

There’s something funny about the Mayor and the Lockwoods in general. I keep seeing Tyler and a moon and I’m thinking it’s another Jacob Black instance. Honestly, no matter how many Vampire movies, books or television shows I come across there’s always a hot werewolf to complete the picture, so why should this be any different? You’ll have to tell me if you agree and I’ll just have to wait till next week. Here’s a sneak peek of last night’s episode to tempt your senses:

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