The Vampire Diaries: Unpleasantville

Unpleasantville begins by giving us an idea of exactly who the Vampire/Zombie might be that met Elena at her accident before Damon saved her– it’s the pizza boy. Who later used his ability to “cross the threshold” to attack Elena, which prompts Damon and Stefan to search for the new Vamp and perhaps his friends.

Anyway, as the episode keeps going we learn that Elena and Stefan have resolved their issues, but Matt and Caroline are getting closer and Elena is alright with it…for now. Damon is still trying to get Katherine out of her tomb, and keeps finding Bonnie is the strangest places, like the bar where the new Vamp works. He seems to be an old resident of Mystic Falls, and perhaps that ties into everyone’s past in some way?

This new segment of episodes seem to be rather confusing, and it’s a little hard to follow. Stefan begins to understand that this new Vamp’s hunting techniques and is worried that they are unusually focused on Elena, which prompts him to give her the Vamp finding pocket watch that got Logan killed.

Jeremy’s vamp obsessed, who actually happens to be a vampire herself, “girlfriend” is becoming a little bit more of a full time character, and I think she might be the missing link to the 1864 history blending with the current times.

All in all a good episode, if not a bit hard to follow. Perhaps I’ll try reading the books in order to unlock the key to this mysterious segment. I can’t wait to continue to learn about what’s really going on behind the cunning masks, sarcastic smiles and dangerous twists and turns.

Here’s a clip:

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