Video games take on classic novel plots

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If you forgot to read your English assignment over the weekend because you were getting your party on, don’t worry- you may be able to catch the general meaning of the plot after playing a video game for a few hours.

Visceral Games has recently developed a video game based on the plot of classic poem Dante’s Inferno. According to this blogger, Virgil gives you an interactive tour through the different levels of hell just like the book. Though some creative liberties have been taken with the plot, it does give the gamer a basic sense of what it means to experience hell. The game will be released on varying dates in February for different game consuls.

Another example of literature in video games is Beowulf: The Game. The video game, based on the classic epic poem, was released in 2007 for PCs and various game consuls around the same time the movie came out. And if you’re bored in class, the game is also available for certain mobile devices.

Video games based on literature are popping up daily. In 2009, several games based on literary works were released including but not limited to: Robinson Crusoe, The Return of Monte Cristo, The Three Musketeers and Dracula. A more complete list can be found here.

Who knows, with this many video games released, we may not even need Spark Notes anymore!

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