Volterra Restaurant

If you thought Twilight mania has already gone too far, you were wrong. The latest installment in the Twihard phenomenon? A restaurant called Volterra. Twilight has been bringing a lot of tourism to the small Washington town and now they have even more reason to come.

“Dazzled by Twilight Tour Company” owners Annette and Tim Root will be opening Volterra, a ‘Twilight themed” restaurant, in Forks next year. The restaurant takes its name from the Italian city mentioned in the novels and associated with the Volturi vampire aristocrat family.

The Roots told the Peninsula Daily News that Volterra will be a family restaurant, and they have already applied for a liquor license. They hope to have a bar at the restaurant as well. (I wonder if they will have the TruBlood drink on their menu?)

The location was previously the Vagabond Restaurant, but it has been vacant for two years. The Roots did not only start here, however. They started “Dazzled by Twilight” much earlier, opening stores in Forks and Port Angeles catering to the numerous fans. Now, they are giving tours of Forks as well as running the nearby Twilight Lounge for music.

Annette and Tim Root definitely know what they are doing jumping on the Twilight bandwagon. I assume they will be having quite a big client list for years to come. After all, we’re only onto the second movie of the series and there are already on-location tours of Forks and La Push, Washington for book and movie fans. It took Jane Austen’s novels and characters many years to drive fans to the English countryside. Stephanie Meyer, however, managed to do it all in minutes.

According to ABC 7, the year after the first Twilight movie was released, Forks saw tourism triple. So let’s toast some TruBlood drinks to the further success of this venture. Smart thinking Mr. and Mrs. Root!


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