Wanderlust: Top 10 Summer Day Trips

My sister, who will be a freshman this fall, just told me that she picked her roommate on Facebook. At first, I was skeptical. I went into freshman year “potluck” and learned a lot from my roommate. We were from different backgrounds and different parts of the country, but we still got along and appreciated each other.

On the other hand, my sister already knows her roommate’s favorite activities (tennis, just like my sister), how serious she is about her academics (concerned, but not too stressed out about them), and how often she likes to go out (she likes to party, but not too hard). I guess this is just another way that online networking is changing the college socialization process. Freshmen have friends before they step on campus!



Summertime is almost here!!!, and with soon to be scorching hot weather set to arrive at any moment we are beginning to start fantasizing about beaches, vacations, & fruity drinks.

While many of of us would like to jet off to some exotic location or immerse ourselves in a new culture by visiting a foreign country, some of us are unable to do so whether for financial reasons or other personal issues, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time full of new experiences and adventure!

Here are some fun easy options if you choose to have a ‘stay cation” or are up for a little ‘Wanderlust’ that guarantees you’ll have just as much fun and stick to your budget.

1. Day Trips 101

Treat your area and surrounding areas like a tourist. Visit your states website or do a google search for your specific area or region and see what options are available to explore…you may surprise yourself by what you find

2. Restaurants

It’s a great idea to try a new restaurant or a different “specialty” restaurant either by yourself and bring a great book or people watch or visit with friends/family

3. Museums

A great way to explore art/history and spend your day admiring beautiful pieces and expanding your knowledge

4. Concerts

Summer is the PERFECT time to enjoy a concert and experience live music from one of your favorite artists or discover a new band

5. Spa day

Treat yourself to a day to stay home and pamper yourself with some Netflix and a good book or make it a fun girls night in/out

6. Amusement Parks

Jump on a ride and chow down on cotton candy! Another great way to spend a day of fun and adventure and feel like a kid again

7. Seek Nature

Go for a hike or visit a local/national park, or explore a local farmers market or go blueberry/strawberry picking

8. Family/Friend Bonding

Spend some time with friends family, or your pet; good conversation (or a good furry snuggle) + a favorite person equals total bliss

9. Volunteer

You gain perspective and get to meet/interact with new people and someone else is benefiting from it as well which makes it all the better

10. Road trip

Nothing is more fun than packing up and taking a fun “road trip” with some friends and going out and exploring the world… pack your bags! It’s time to hit the road.

…the definitions of WANDERLUST

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