We want YOU to be our next Chicster Ambassador

Why are we reaching out to you to represent UChic?

Because YOU, the millennial generation, are powerful. You are shaping the world with your ideas and values. Your sharing habits and tech savvy ways are changing the way businesses work.

Plus, we wouldn’t be here without you. Since the beginning, UChic has survived through the support of young women like you.

UChic Ambassador Program

But, today we aren’t just a blog and the creator of the bestselling book, The College Girls Guide to Everything. We are also a business selling products that fund scholarships for young women across the globe. As we continue on with 1000 Dreams mission, we want YOUR expertise and input.

Founder Christie Garton recently wrote about ambassador programs and their importance for Entrepeneur.com.

Check out the details here: How to Win Millennial Brand Ambassadors in 3 Steps.

If you are looking for real-world work experience, an opportunity to make a big difference and a community of people that can help you reach your goals, then this program is FOR YOU!

Read more about our Ambassador Program here.

Or Apply TODAY.

xx, Team UChic
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