Week in Review: What We Shared


Whew– the week is finally over! What were our favorite stories on UChic this week? Check out excerpts below from our must-reads:

Be Yourself- Finding Your Own Chic: “In case you haven’t heard, Nerd Girls are in right now. Make no mistake; we’ve always been around, hiding behind our GameBoy or the newest genre novel of choice. But now the mainstream media is finally picking up on just how awesome we really are; and we’re embracing our nerd girl chic!”

Must-Read for College Girls- Janet Groth’s The Receptionist: “A majority of the books I picked were self-help books, biographies, and top recommended books for young “twenty something” women. When researching these books, one book that kept appearing was The Receptionist by Janet Groth. After reading the amazing reviews about this book, I decided that it should be one I to add to my list. I am so glad I added this book to my list and highly recommend it to both undergrads and recent graduates.”

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