Weekend Buzz: A New Magazine called Blueprint

I’m living in a house right now and since the weather is getting warmer, I’m really getting into planting flowers, going to the farmer’s market and refinishing pieces of furniture…. _I’m hoping it’s just a phase._ Anyway, that’s why I quickly snatched up the premier issue of Blueprint, a new magazine from Martha Stewart. I know what you’re thinking now…a magazine dedicated to pruning your rosebush. But it’s not like that. There are makeup features, fashion tips and lots of cool and trendy ideas for home decor. I particularly liked learing how to make a purse out of a silk scarf. _No, I’m not lying._

The Generation GAP: It’s not the store…..it’s you.

Catching up on the news this morning, I came across an article blasting the GAP. Now I hate their floppy hats as much as the next girl, but that wasn’t the complaint. The writer recalls a ‘charmed’ era when pairing square-toed black ankle boots with a pair of stretchy black pants was the foundation of a good outfit. *Hang on…I’m confused.*

I’ll agree with her that the GAP’s denim selection has gone downhill and that I’m not always thrilled about the new season’s top colors. But the fashion industry is about evolution. Even if it ends up becoming a cycle, you have to go with it…not get stuck on one certain style. Today’s look isn’t boring, it’s about new silhouettes and unusual color combos. She should head over to Forthe & Towne and *leave the GAP for the casually avant-garde twenty-somethings it was designed for.*

“Read the Article”://www.slate.com/id/2137794/

New Daily Fashion Blog! – Bringing Home My New Baby

Any of my friends will tell you, and if you read enough of these fashion blog posts you will learn… *I’m a clutch girl.* Now don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of bags. But when it comes to clutches, I will break the bank. It is rare for me to spend a lot of money on a big bag or purse. Growing up, I hated the idea of carrying a purse. I like carrying my wallet, cell phone and my keys…that’s it. But when I saw this bag in Lucky, there was no hesitation. *I love this bag!* It’s a new addition to the Cole Haan G Series and it’s also a new addition to my closet! Made from nubuk leather with white crocodile trim, rope detail, and gold carabiner hardware…talk about a genius combination.

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