Weird News Recap

In an effort to fill you in on all the loony tune news circulating on the net on any given day, we’ve decided to make Tuesday our weekly weird news recap. Forget the latest Gossip Girl episode (yawn), Idol chatter (cringe) or Glee happenings (ok, maybe we need to rethink that one). We figured with the school year winding down, it was time to lighten your load with a little “WTF were they thinking?” hilarity.

Get Buzzed With Hello Kitty – Totally over your roommate’s Hello Kitty sheets and obnoxious pink toaster? Let the good times roll with the new line of Hello Kitty wine coming soon to a liquor store near you. With four flavors to choose from, you’ll be purring in nt time…even if said roomie decides to splurge on that HK coffee pot and matching rice steamer.

“My Dick” College Musical Breaks Top 20 Album Charts – Think U of M is only famous for its med school? Well, apparently knowing your anatomy pays off there too. The school’s student-produced musical is riding high after making it to the top of the cast album charts. So what’s it about? A “boy with a very special relationship with his very best friend…his Dick! Together they face the trials of growing up, love, sex and high school, but these two best pals are in for the adventure of a lifetime.” (We could say so many things, but this one is just WAY too easy.)

Michigan State Panty Raid Nets 79 Pairs of Thongs and One Idiot – Um, we don’t know what’s in the water in Michigan these days, but it seems like spring has suddenly brought forth every fruit and nut in the state. A 19-year-old Michigan State student was recently arrested when it was discovered that he had stolen almost 80 pairs of underwear from various female students on campus. The guy says he’s not a sex addict — just some dude that did it as a stupid prank – but that’s not stopping one “victim” from suing for damages. Hey, it’s not like Victoria’s Secret is cheap. By our estimation, 80 pairs of panties is about one year’s tuition…

The One Where Apple Loses It’s New iPhone Then Refuses to Take it Back – So once upon a time, there was this super-smart North Carolina State University graduate named Gray Powell who worked for Apple and then got the bright idea to get drunk at a San Jose bar one night and leave Apple’s new super-secret iPhone prototype behind. Said phone was found, the owner was tracked down, and calls were placed to Apple. Unfortunately, Apple kinda acted like that guy you once dated who could never admit they screwed up; nobody returned any calls, acted grateful, or even acknowledged that someone was TRYING to help them out…until the entire story got leaked online and now everyone is making fun of Powell and Steve Jobs for trusting a 27-year-old with a multi-billion dollar product during happy hour. Leading us to the obvious: What happens at happy hour STAYS at happy hour – literally.

Why You Should Never Accept Your Mom’s Friend Request – Does your mom leave dorky and embaressing messages on your FB wall? Sue her! That’s what one California teenager did after his estranged mother alledgedly hacked into his Facebook account, changed his password and then posted slanderous material on his profile page. Mom’s crying foul and parental rights, while we’re crying get a life and maybe try TALKING to your son rather than giving his friends endless hours of comic relief.

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