Welcome to November at University Chic!

*November at UChic is all about you being in the know!* We asked all of our campus correspondents to weigh in on issues concerning university women today and they delivered! So whether it’s how to “save a failing grade”://www.universitychic.com/taxonomy/term/53 or advice on “getting out of credit card debt”://www.universitychic.com/taxonomy/term/124 , we have great articles from women in college and grad school who know.

*Also, University Chic is always your destination for up-to-the-minute fashion and beauty information*. Make sure to check out all of the current “Campus Fashion Trends”://www.universitychic.com/taxonomy/term/58 and pick up some great makeup tips with this month’s “Beauty Spotlights”://www.universitychic.com/taxonomy/term/47 And start planning ahead by reading the latest Q&A Career and Intern Corner. This month’s question is:

*Q: Is it too early to begin thinking about summer internships?*
“Click here to read the answer”://www.universitychic.com/taxonomy/term/113

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