Wet Seal Can’t Spell and Forever 21 is Shady

OK, we're officially banning Forever 21 from our wardrobe. Cheap awesome clothing aside, the company continues to employ questionable business practices (like starting a pregnancy line geared to teens and young women) including blatantly stealing fashion designs from smaller clothing labels (see Exhibit A). Meanwhile, Wet Seal thinks stupidity is a winning practice as they roll out a tee with an obvious typo, but didn't stop production on it because it would have been "too expensive."

Most companies think college students don't use a moral compass when making purchases, and that you'll just buy whatever without giving much thought as to what happens behind the register. Would you support a brand that encourages anorexia (Urban Outfitters) or discriminates against the handicapped (A&F)? We say prove 'em wrong and put that compass on blast the next time you hit the mall.

After all, the best way to curb bad fashion behavior is to not feed into buy handing off your hard-earned cash to businesses that only see YOU as a dollar sign.


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