What Graduation Means to Me

Four years. It’s an awfully long time, and yet it’s so short. Four years ago Italy won the world cup and I was there, in Rome. I had just graduated from High School and was so excited about all that college would bring. My first semester wasn’t what I had hoped but man, the next three years WERE EVERYTHING I had dreamed of!

Sophomore year, I studied abroad in the Spring–living in Italy learning to be independent and understanding what I really want from life. It also taught me to be my own person, no matter who approves.

Junior year, I started interning and working and understanding what it is to be a “grown-up.” Senior year I continued and man I couldn’t wait to be done with classes.

And now, Graduation. What does it mean to me? It mean’s I’m a real person–I’m an adult with a job, bills and my own apartment (paid for by said job). It means I did it– I succeeded, I did what I wanted when I wanted to do it on my terms. I make no one happy but myself– well, I make a lot of people happy, but not instead of my own happiness. It means learning that I am good enough–for everyone, no matter how short my hair is, or how high my heels are! I can be me and people appreciate it, despite the faults, flaws and accent!

I am a college graduate: I am blessed, I am hired and I am victorious!

What does it mean to you? Tell me below! Hope you’re all getting hired as well!!

xoxo V

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