What I Learned from: “The Bachelorette”

Here’s what I learned over the past couple weeks and years of watching “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.” My specific learning will be the most recent, from this season of the show. I guess you could call this the list of morals of the story. Most of the time, these “morals” are very well hidden, but I have managed to find them just for you.

1) I learned that it is certainly okay and if not “super” to date many men (women) at the same time and make out with all of them. It’s also okay to tell them how “super special” they all are.

2) I learned that, within a filmed time frame of six weeks, people are able to speed up the process of “falling in love” and do extremely practical things like propose after five dates.

3) I learned that it’s perfectly fine to take lots of “gambles” even when there are a lot of “red flags” everywhere.

4) I also learned that it’s okay to break up with your fiancée on national television if ABC thinks it will be good for ratings and because Chris Harrison loves a good surprise.

5) I learned that it’s okay to quit your job and go chase after a girl because you’ve had one really great date rappelling off of a building with her and the adrenaline rush just stayed with you.

6) I also learned that some American men still wear tiny shorts and that European people are not alone with this fascinating fashion statement.

7) Finally (this one is very important), I learned that cowboy musicians are bad news. Oh wait, I already knew that. Too bad Jillian wanted to “figure it out for myself.”


Overall, I guess I’m just very surprised that more people don’t watch reality television or make their kids learn lots of very important lessons from it. People are just deprived of the joys of a clearly educational experience.


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