What I learned from: “The Proposal”

As a journalist with an interest in working in the publishing world, I found that I learned many important lessons from the movie “The Proposal.” One lesson, however, stands out the most.

I learned that, in order to succeed in the publishing world, I will need to become an editorial assistant and marry my boss. This lesson came at a very crucial time in my life, when I am applying for jobs left and right. I had been looking for that secret to success and after watching “The Proposal” twice, I found out what it is.

Though the percentage of males in the publishing industry has dropped since the 1960s, I still hope that there will be some senior editors from Canada who will be willing to marry me for citizenship and promote me to editor in exchange…or at least read my manuscript and decide to sell my book.

What else did I get out of this movie besides a lot of laughs, career advice, and a glimpse of Ryan Reynolds about get into the shower?

Well…I learned that for one, Alaska is gorgeous and people get married in barns there. I also learned about eco-balls, which really and truly exist: http://www.ecogolfballs.com/, and can be described as “Water soluble, biodegradable, non toxic and fish friendly Eco Golf Balls. Golf Balls that are safe to hit into fresh or salt water.”

In addition, I learned a whole lot about immigration lawyers and the lengths they will go to in order to kick Canadians out of our country. We really do love Canadians, don’t we?

Despite all of the valuable lessons, my most significant lesson about climbing the office totem pole has stayed with me and I will continue with my search for a foreign boss with an expiring visa, so that I can get married and become an editor.


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