What a Rush: Anxiety Sets In!!

The Interview
My interview was with two very familiar faces, as I had the opportunity to meet some of the women on Sunday. They both remembered me, which I am hoping is a good thing. This experience taught me a lot about networking, even though I haven’t really gotten started yet, I’m learning how to sell myself.  I think this is ultimately what allowed me to be comfortable enough to go up to all the women at the UCR information session and speak to them about myself and about their organization. And it paid off!! I also printed out my resumes (complete with business cards, which you can get made online for a very low price!) and placed them in a folder, which showed that I actually put time and thought into the process and I think ultimately it will pay off in the end.

To me, this sorority seems like the best place to be. I have not felt uncomfortable at any stage of the game, but I’m a people person. I like getting to know people. I think if you are afraid of this aspect, you should go out anyway, because in my mind sorority interaction will ultimately allow you to shed that nervousness and become the beautiful social butterfly every girl is meant to be!

The Downside—Financial Obligations
I can honestly say the only thing that may be a “down side” is the financial aspect of it. It costs A LOT of money. Dues, new membership fees, badge fees, initiation fees and administrative fees all add up, and when you are going to a private University they add up even faster. I personally work, but this might be a problem for those who do not.

My Time Schedule
I’ve had to change my schedule slightly—I switched a shift with another employee at my job so that in the event I’m picked, I can go to my bid day ceremony. To me, moving work around campus activities isn’t a new challenge—I always work, and always want to participate. It’s a fact of life. Because it’s an informal rush we aren’t bound by the dry rush regulations, so the only times we cannot drink are our bid night and initiation night and the rush week in the spring. To me, there are so many benefits (sisterhood, networking, fun, philanthropy, and a greater sense of belonging) that giving up three days of drinking in the long run, is totally worth it.

Next week, I’ll know if I’m in!!! Keep your fingers crossed as I look forward to continuing to blog about what it’s like to be in a new sorority, as a senior, as a new member, and as someone who is slowly making the transition from student to “working adult.”

As always, please send any and all comments to rushblogger@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you!!

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