What a Rush: Bid Night!

Now I only had the opportunity to rush one sorority, but during the regular rush season, students have the opportunity to rush a bunch. How do you decide which one is for you? Well I can tell you as I sit here ordering letters for mine, you just know. There’s a feeling of peace, calm and “right”-ness (which isn’t a word, but most definitely a description) that comes over you when you meet the group of girls that will be your “sisters” forever. Being in a sorority, I am slowly learning, is something which stays with you for your entire life—it doesn’t change when you become a wife, mother, or change careers. You are always and forever whatever letters define you. It becomes a state of being as opposed to a role.

Anyway now to the juicy stuff! UCR’s bid night was an experience I will never forget—it’s special in so many ways and it’s unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. I never felt uncomfortable or afraid, I simply felt like a member already. We had a wonderful dinner, filled out a bunch of paper work and then met with officials from a variety of areas within the sorority—it was so cool!!

Greek life is similar to major corporations—and it’s amazing to now belong to a stable support group that has stood for at least a hundred years (some are older, however mine isn’t that old). It’s comforting to know that no matter what, through the years, you will always have these women to be there to mentor you and be sisters to you—sisters in my case that I never had.

Life in general is getting a little difficult, I cut my work hours down by two shifts to take a more active role in the sorority and had to cut back on one of my clubs, which is causing a significant amount of tension. Unfortunately one of my friends, in said club, is no longer my friend. She simply doesn’t agree with my choice and feels that I abandoned the club and…I don’t know- it’s hard—I’ve gained so much and yet lost some at the same time, but I think its worth it. I want to say I know, but one never knows; everything in this world can change in an instant, so I’m just enjoying each and every day because once it’s over you never get it back.

So go out there my rushers, new members, old members and potential members and MAKE THE MOST of everything. Greek life, college life, and young adulthood are all fleeting moments in time, in the grand scheme of things, so take it from someone whose time (in college) is almost up—join every club, go to every sport game, be whomever you want—it’s your choice, your chance and your destiny—own it.

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