What a Rush: Holiday


Thanks to Thanksgiving break, I haven’t had any sorority actives for the past two weeks. Well formal activities– the work load on my end behind the scenes has been very intense.

I’ve also picked up an extra job as I needed to drop one of my jobs to maintain my grades with my new intense schedule. So basically I’m blogging, interning, going to school and doing sorority. It’s quite a bit of work to do in a 40 hour “work” week, so basically it means that I have to use several other hours of the 168 in the entire week. Now math is not my strong point, but it’s become a to-do list after to-do list of activities that I cross off once in a while only to increase the amount of activities– “To-Dos”– on my list.

I do not regret one minute of anything I’ve done this semester– I gained 100 new sisters and it made my life so much fuller, but I also lost a few groups of friends along the way, and had to change my life in dramatic ways. Sorority is about getting what you put into it, and because I wanted a lot out of it, and therefore had to put a lot into it. It’s been a struggle, but it works…and I am so excited for recruitment.

Having gone through this– and struggled– I have to say for those of you coming out for recruitment in January, February or whenever your campus does it, think of all these things. Think about being busy; think about what actives you like to do; think about what you want to keep in your life and what you wouldn’t mind giving up; work out your finances, and most of all remember to keep a balance in all that you do. It is vitally important to ensure that you balance your life, because you can’t be around one group of friends ALL the time and the same goes for sorority.

It’s been wonderful to share my experiences with you, and I wish you all the best– and hope you enjoy the experience, whatever you choose to do!

xoxox Rush Girl 😉


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