What a rush: The Honeymoon Period

This week we worked on Recruitment again, set up a system for donating baskets to our local food bank and also worked on a holiday gift system to give our sisters presents. The season is really winding down and I have absolutely no regrets about joining the sorority.

My life has, however, dramatically changed in both good and bad ways. I no longer work retail, which I must say is better. I also left one of my in school commitments which really was not working out for me. It was an organization I started and leaving it was quite sad, but the people who fell into the new leadership positions really didn’t have the same drive as I did and I guess ultimately that’s why I left.

I also don’t talk to a group of friends I always hung out with last year, but again I think that would have happened whether or not I joined a sorority. I think you, if you are planning on being in a sorority or rushing this spring, should sit down before you do and label all the pros in your life on one side of a paper and the cons on another and determine what you will need to give up either way– whether or not you get a Bid. And then JUST GIVE THEM UP— being in a sorority has taught me the value (and privilege) of being able to count on others in your lives and ultimately it helped me prioritize and stop feeling guilty. That’s what I have to say is the best training it has given me thus far. To simply sit down and stop and THINK and then do what is best for you— and knowing that you will be able to always have friends there who love you no matter what!!

As I leave today for Fall break, I realize that I am most thankful for my 84 new sisters this year. I am thankful for the fact that those relationships have made all the relationships in my life better– with my family, and ultimately with my non greek friends.

So be thankful for whatever decision you make and if you do indeed rush– shoot me an email- rushblogger@gmail.com I’ll answer any and all questions you’ve got!!

xoxox Rush Girl 😉

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